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To liberals, it is obvious that the dastardly Republicans are solely responsible for the impending demise of the Ukraine.

A couple of thoughts.

All Biden has to do to get those billions for Ukraine is exercise control of our southern border (an estimated 8 million illegals have entered under Biden's watch!!!).

Biden is playing hardball in order to get people like Johnson to pressure Congress (is Johnson gullible or political - you decide)?

Horsetrading is a common congressional tactic; as is pressure and misstatement by political operatives.

Our deficit last year (ended 10/31/23) was $2 trillion.

How much more does Johnson want us to spend (of money that we don't have)?

Reading this article, I came away with the impression that the solution is so simple - just approve the money.

With just a little thinking it became apparent that the article is more political maneuvering than a genuine plea for help.

Biden knows what he has to do to get the money.

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