The lack of a trial anytime soon does not mean the I.C.C. is making a hollow gesture.
Whether or not the United States will continue its military support for Ukraine past 2024 is in doubt. And Ukraine is running out of troops.
Press Censorship is Under Threat in 2 Ways (Audio)Listen now (6 min) | For paid subscribers. Sorry this is coming a day late!
From Florida to Hungary, press freedom is threatened in ways that don't include jail.
The invasion of Ukraine caused Germany to change in ways never thought possible. But too often, Berlin moves at its own glacial pace.
One Year Later, Germany is Still Turning After Its 'Turning Point' With Russia (Audio)Listen now (7 min) | For paid subscribers
Many Russians would rather forget about the war and go back to a simpler time. Unfortunately, the country has undergone a moral collapse.
How political stagecraft influences statecraft
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